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Whether you're a GIG doer or goer let's make it easier, cheaper & more convenient.

That's exactly what GIG-ease is all about. Every product we create has in mind how this makes it easier for anyone wanting to be able to still support local.

Most products we develop are based around it being affordable, even if we break it up. This way we can make it a lot easier for GIG goers to access great quality equipment without breaking the bank. Being able to think of something as £10/month rather than a big one-off payment.

Exactly the same for GIG goers. Being able to spread the cost of going out, supporting local venues & artists.

How can we help? Well, more than anything it's about freely telling people what's on & where locally. In the form of online reviews & gig/event listings. Reviews without any opinion or anything. Just showcasing local musicians & venues. If royalties permit then original soundtracks are played with any video review so any GIG goer can hear the band or artist before they go to see them.

We are always trying to improve the service to you & keep the listing guide, reviews, and advice all free. We want to offer the best service possible, and more engagement means that we can keep the service free.

First, we really appreciate you letting us know how we can improve to be more useful to you. Please contact us about this.

Secondly (& most importantly) subscribe to our email newsletter. We hope to get 1 out every week with all the listings in Gloucestershire. Also, share with all your friends & family.

Currently, this will be a free & extensive service exclusively for Gloucestershire in the UK. Sorry if you're out of the area. If you're interested in having anything similar in your area then do let us know.

Finally, happy GIG doing or going all.

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